Part of a trio of must-have 2015 U.S. gold!

The landmark Liberty gold, and the 10th year of issue American Buffalo gold coins are also important low-mintage issues for 2015. Both offer potential for returns exceeding those of a similar bullion holding.


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"Liberty" Gold MS-69
"Liberty" Gold MS-70
Buffalo Gold PF-70

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2015 W Uncirculated "burnished" American Eagle Gold

This is no ordinary Eagle: W-Mint gold destined for a new low-mintage record!* Highly recommended and highly attractive price:

$0.00 (MS-69) or $0.00 (MS-70)

Uncirculated, or "burnished" Gold Eagle coins bearing the "W" mint mark are the sleeper coin of the U.S. Mint's lineup. With mintages consistently under 10,000 in recent years, they are far more scarce than the Mint's collector Proof issues – just over 1/3 as many have been sold by The Mint in 2015, and they're nearly 100 times more scarce than regular Gold Eagles! This year, the 2015 issue promises to break previous low-mintages, which would make it among the lowest-mintage coins ever struck by The Mint.

  • Gold Eagles sold: 421,500
  • Gold Eagle Proofs sold: 12,076
  • Gold Eagle "W" mint mark: 4,316

Sales Comparison for three American Eagle Gold issues

The 2015 issue is now on-track to break low mintage record of just 5,829 coins, set in 2012.* Currently, a 2012 issue in MS-70 grade may sell for $3,000 or more – far beyond the value of an equivalent bullion coin holding! No one can guarantee returns, but past performance suggests an opportunity for major advantage.

*based on current reported sales figure of 4,316 a new record is likely. The U.S. Mint does not reveal mintage until after the issue year is complete.

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