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These massive five-ounce silver investment coins are struck by the United States Mint to match each issue of the America the Beautiful quarters program which began in 2010. Low mintage has caused various issues to become "overnight sensations" among collectors. While other dealers are out of stock, we have the issues collectors are looking for - and at the best prices available!

These five-ounce silver coins from the United States Mint have always offered advantages over Silver Eagles. Due to their low mintages, certain issues have climbed in value even as silver prices have slipped. While many millions of Silver Eagles are struck annually, as few as 20,000 coins are struck in an America the Beautiful (ATB) issue. In a very short time, a number of these coins have gained great value in collector markets. As more people discover and build collections of these coins, demand may continue to increase while very small supplies will become increasingly difficult to locate. We now have these modern-day rarities available at prices lower than you'll find anywhere else. Dare to compare - few coin` companies even have these pieces in inventory, much less at these while-they-last prices.

Special Inventory: 1986-2016 Complete Silver Eagle Collection, MS-70

Every Silver eagle struck, each a flawless MS-70 specimen. 

Every Silver eagle struck, each a flawless MS-70 specimen. 

Enjoy a rare opportunity to hold one of the most elite collections of modern United States coins ever assembled. This 35-coin set includes each and every Silver Eagle issued by the United States Mint, grade-certified by NGC to be a flawless MS-70 specimen.

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There are only about a dozen similar sets in existence. Their potential number is limited by the coin with the lowest population of MS-70 specimens. NGC has certified a scant 113 specimens of the 1999 issue Silver Eagle to meet the standards for a flawless MS-70 grade. Naturally, the majority of these specimens will never be placed into a complete collection, making this assemblage one that shall remain an elite rarity that few will ever possess. Montgomery Chandler will have the privilege of placing this collection in the hands of one lucky collector/investor. The price point for this collection is one of its best attributes, as we are making it available for less than the $86,205.50 total of NGC listed values of each specimen. The collection is virtually free of natural spotting, and all key dates are spot-free. Contact a Montgomery Chandler account manager immediately to learn more about this rare opportunity – details including auction records are available upon request.