Modern Issue Gold Coins

Since the recall of gold currency during the Great Depression in 1933, it would be more than 50 years before the United States Mint resumed striking gold coins in 1986. These coins enjoy legal tender status, just as the gold coins of old, but their face value is primarily symbolic – their primary value lies in their Treasury-guaranteed gold content. U.S. Mint gold coins are struck in numerous variations – click below to discover and purchase each variety.

American Eagle Gold

Since their introduction in 1986, American Eagle Gold coins have become America's (and the world's) first choice for private gold holdings. These legal tender coins are guaranteed by the United States Treasury for weight and purity.

American Buffalo Gold

Introduced in 2006, the American Buffalo was created in answer to American investor/collectors who wanted a coin of the finest purity. The 24-karat, .9999 pure Buffalo was an instant success. They contain the exact same amount of gold as the American Eagle, but in a purer alloy, making the coins imperceptibly lighter in weight. The Mint has historically struck gold coins at 22 karats, with small amounts of copper and silver added to improve scratch-resistance. Due to gold's inherent softness we recommend acquiring these coins in grade-certified capsules, or "slabs."

Certified/Numismatic Modern U.S. Mint Coins