2012 Australian Kookaburra Silver
  • Limited issue of only 500,000 coins gives opportunity for future collector value.
  • Stunning proof-like strike at the price of a common bullion coin.
  • .999 pure silver, legal tender coin (Perth Mint)
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2012 Kookaburra Silver Exclusive - Lowest Pricing

Dare to compare other dealers' prices
We've acquired a small hoard of 2012 dated Australian Kookaburra one-ounce silver coins, and are able to offer them at prices lower than any we've found online. Because of its limited mintage (just 500,000 coins for 2012) and it's ever-changing design, Kookaburra coins are known for substantially enhanced collector value. The 2012 issue is a prime example. It is challenging to find this coin at all - most major dealers that list it have none in stock. We not only have them, but have them at lower prices. 

Australia's Perth Mint legal tender coins are always struck with great precision. The 2012 issue features a proof-like finish and a particularly striking image of a Kookaburra bird that is sought by collectors worldwide. We are pricing our small hoard to sell quickly, so please do not hesitate to claim your share. Please call us for cash and quantity discounts - our online pricing is below our competitors', but can be even lower than shown here!

The Kookaburra has been struck continuously since 1990 and has been much-loved for its ever-changing design, limited mintage, and exceptional strike quality. The whimsical Kookaburra bird is an icon of the wildlife unique to Australia, and shares a place with the Perth Mint's Kangaroo and Koala bullion coins. Call or order online while they last!


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