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In 1907 president Theodore Roosevelt commissioned a bold, artistic design for America’s largest gold coin. Today, the United States Treasury, in partnership with the United States Commission of Fine Arts, presents the first completely new design in over 100 years, with a “high relief” strike that proved too difficult to produce in 1907. Only 50,000 examples of this profoundly symbolic and beautiful coin will be struck. Montgomery Chandler now invites you to be among the elite few who will ever hold one of these historic specimens.

The evolution of America’s greatest coin continues

The $20 Double Eagle is the largest historic gold U.S. coin, containing roughly a full ounce of gold. The earliest generation, widely known as the “Liberty Head” design, was struck from 1849 to 1907. In 1907, president Theodore Roosevelt introduced a revolutionary new design, commissioned from famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, which has been hailed as the most beautiful design in the history of American coinage. Today it may be found on the front side of every American Eagle gold coin.

While the Mint has recently struck other large gold coins, this is the first to represent an entirely new design consistent with historic double eagle gold coins: An image of Liberty is portrayed on the front, paired with a majestic eagle on the reverse. And while the design elements are traditional, the artistry is tastefully modern, reflecting the sensibilities of our contemporary age. The Mint pays homage to previous designs by giving this coin the name, “Liberty,” in tribute to the earliest double eagles. In a nod to the second generation Saint-Gaudens design, the coin is struck in deep, “high relief,” a design element eliminated when the coin proved too difficult to strike with existing technology. 

We’re not sure if the new Liberty design will become a new standard for United States investor/collector coins, but we are sure that only 50,000 of these issues will be struck, making them a must-have modern numismatic holding.

Modern numismatics vs. bullion gold

In 2009 the Mint issued an ultra high relief gold coin to commemorate
Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ original design. Only 115,000 were struck. A specimen purchased in certified MS-70 grade at the time of release currently has risen in value by 54%, versus 33% for a regular-issue American Eagle Gold coin. No one can guarantee returns, but no one can argue with real-world results like these!