American Buffalo 24 karat gold - a primer

American Buffalo Gold
The Purists’ Investment Coin – And So Much More!

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The American Buffalo 24 karat gold coin was introduced in 2006 to much fanfare. Struck by mandate from the U.S. Congress, it became the first 24 karat gold coin ever issued by the United States Mint. With its “four nines” .9999 purity, it provided investors and collectors with an American alternative to 24 karat legal tender gold coins struck by sovereign mints around the world. American Eagle gold coin is struck in a traditional 22 karat gold alloy that makes it more durable and scratch resistance. Eagle gold coins are very slightly heavier, to accommodate the alloy metals, but contain an amount of gold identical to the Buffalo and all other one-ounce sovereign gold coins. Though both coins share the same intrinsic metal value, the appeal of .9999 pure metal is undeniable. And while both the Eagle and Buffalo are struck annually in large quantities, special Proof issues, high-grade MS-69 and MS-70 specimens, and limited fractional size issues present numismatic opportunities unique to each.

4 pages, published 2014

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