America the Beautiful - Guide to Selected Issues

Introducing the America the Beautiful five-ounce bullion coin, an official legal tender issue from the United States Mint. If you’re not familiar with them, you’re not alone – as few as 20,000 are struck in an issue, a figure overshadowed by the more than 30 million Silver Eagle coins released annually. Despite this exclusivity they’re available at a similar premium over silver spot price, giving you an op- portunity to see your coins gain collector value independent of silver’s value. And that collector value is nothing to sneeze at: America the Beautiful Silver coins have gained value an average of 108% at a time when their American Eagle counterparts lost value. And just three years after original release 2012’s Hawaii coin is now worth nearly 300% more than its original value! Any prudent investor will see the stunning advantage these giant 3-inch diameter coins can offer. Call now, and find out why Montgomery Chandler is a new kind of coin dealer.

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