We have an extensive inventory of historic and rare United States gold and silver coins. There are far too many different coins and different grades for us to keep a full online inventory, but we can usually offer you a specimen comparable to what another dealer may have, and likely at a better price. Please give us a call at 800-385-3303 before you buy elsewhere – many of our clients are glad they did!

SEVEN reasons why collectors and investors love rare U.S. gold coins

  1. Over the long term, rare coins can perform better than any other precious metals investment, and better than practically any other investment holding, period.
  2. Rare coins derive most of their value not from their gold content but from strong collector/investor markets. Their value may climb even as gold prices drop. This brings diversification and balance both within an investment coin holding and to a complete investment portfolio.
  3. Standardized grading and rarity assessment makes these coins the easiest and most straightforward type of “treasure investment” available. Unlike fine art, antique autos or a host of other options, there is strong, expert consensus and accessible tracking for the value of every historic U.S. gold coin ever struck.
  4. By acquiring a rare U.S. coin, you become more than just a luxury investor: You become the custodian of a true national, American treasure. As an heirloom or part of a family estate, a rare coin offers a meaningful legacy that speaks to patriotism, art appreciation, shrewd financial planning and more.
  5. Sealed, tamper-evident grading capsules provide both protection for your investment and for easy “sight-unseen” trading. Dealers and private investors around the world regularly trade NGC and PCGS coin specimens without an ongoing need for expert re-appraisal.
  6. Because they’re so easy to trade among dealers and investors, rare coins are among the most liquid hard asset holdings available. And unlike so many hard asset investments, they are so portable you can literally put them in your pocket!
  7. According to one recent study, rare coin values have risen 248% in the past ten years alone.

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