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ATB coins - current and most-sought back dates!

2016 Platinum $100 - The most elusive of the Eagles!

After 2008's historic run on United States issue precious metals coins, the Mint has suspended production of non-proof Platinum Eagle coins. A single release was issued in 2014 and now, in a surprise move, the Mint has released a $100 one-ounce coin again for 2016. 

The scant 16,900 coins struck in 2014 sold quickly, and there's no word  if the Mint will produce more than the 17,100 immediately picked up by distributors.

Modern Issue Platinum Coins

Platinum has been called the "most precious of the precious metals." Its rarity far exceeds that of gold and silver, and has important industrial applications, including automobile catalytic converters and industrial pollution control. Beginning in 1997 the United States Mint began striking Platinum Eagles in four denominations, with weights corresponding their counterpart Gold Eagle coins. This ended in 2008, when financial crises were reaching their peak. The U.S. Mint responded to record demand by fulfilling only orders for the most popular one-ounce gold and silver issues.

U.S. Mint platinum is back as of 2014, available as a very limited-issue proof coin. The $100, One-Troy Ounce Proof issues are being offered as graded specimens from NGC - the official grading service of the American Numismatic Society.

The AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL coins everyone is looking for at the best prices anywhere!

These massive five-ounce silver investment coins are struck by the United States Mint to match each issue of the America the Beautiful quarters program which began in 2010. Low mintage has caused various issues to become "overnight sensations" among collectors. While other dealers are out of stock, we have the issues collectors are looking for - and at the best prices available!

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