Policies and General Information


Montgomery Chandler’s 10 Day Guarantee: Examine and evaluate featured coins for 10 days. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you may return them for a full refund (shipping and return costs excepted). All coins offered for sale on our website are considered featured coins. Unless otherwise specified, bullion-type transactions outside of this website may not be returned, however, our buy-back policy will apply. 

Buyback Policy

It is our policy to buy back any coin we sell, at prevailing wholesale market prices. Our account executives can identify assets that will yield the greatest return on investment, as well as those that may be in an unfavorable market cycle, to help you make decisions about which coins to sell and which to hold. The choice is always yours. We’re committed to working with you (or legal representatives of your estate) in a manner that reflects our ideals of great customer service, price fairness, and market knowledge. That’s our promise to each and every one of our clients.


All items offered based on availability and market conditions. If we are unable to fulfill your order we will contact you promptly and issue a full refund. Coin images, specifications, prices, and other data on our site may be subject to typographical or human error. We will refund or replace any item subject to such error. If you feel any information on this website may be incorrect, please report to us at info@montgomerychandler.com



We know the savvy investor/collector often shops internet pricing on a potential new acquisition. We strive to offer competitive online pricing, and we encourage all new and potential clients to call us by telephone for the very best pricing. We offer substantial discounts for cash payments - by check, bank wires and drafts, and money orders, as well as quantity discounts. Call us before you buy – you won't regret it. We offer friendly, no-pressure price quotes to all perspective buyers.

We created Montgomery Chandler with the concept of bringing good, old-fashioned customer service back to the industry. We talked with clients and prospective clients and realized that what YOU really wanted was a dealer who is:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Caring
  • Prompt
  • Available
  • Cost-competitive

Looking for experience? Here at Montgomery Chandler, we have 75+ years of combined experience in the precious metals industry coupled with an extensive knowledge of rare and modern coinage.

Are you tired of the "sales pitch?" Rather than just "sell you something," we offer the opportunity to help manage your portfolio. Through this service we not only help you acquire the rare coin or precious metal of your choosing, but we also will contact you when the time and market conditions are right to reap the rewards for your wise investment decision!