American Eagle Silver coins are today's counterpart to the traditional Silver Dollar. Though they continue to bear a legal tender face value of one dollar, their actual value is based on their content of one Troy ounce of silver, which is guaranteed and backed by The United States Treasury.

2016 Silver Proofs are here!

The United States Mint has finally released 2016 Silver Eagle Proofs. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Silver Eagle and the Mint is celebrating by including lettered edges to the coin for the very first time. While they last, we have NGC EARLY RELEASES in PF-69 and PF-70 and PCGS FIRST STRIKE specimens in PR-69 and PR-70 grades at amazing low prices. Click to order below or call to reserve yours today.

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America the Beautiful: The best silver bullion Investment you can hold

Introducing the America the Beautiful five-ounce bullion coin, an official legal tender issue from the United States Mint. If you’re not familiar with them, you’re not alone – as few as 20,000 are struck in an issue, a figure overshadowed by the more than 30 million Silver Eagle coins released annually. Despite this exclusivity they’re available at a similar premium over silver spot price, giving you an opportunity to see your coins gain collector value independent of silver's value. And that collector value is nothing to sneeze at: America the Beautiful Silver coins have gained value an average of 108% at a time when their American Eagle counterparts lost value. And just three years after original release 2012’s Hawaii coin is now worth nearly 300% more than its original value! Any prudent investor will see the stunning advantage these giant 3-inch diameter coins can offer. Call now, and find out why Montgomery Chandler is a new kind of coin dealer.

ATB vs. Silver Eagle, 2010-2013

Based on the average spot price for each year from 2010 to 2013, an America the Beautiful coin purchased when issued has increased an average of 60% in value - more than double. Because of declining silver prices, a similar investment in American Eagle Silver would have declined in value by 43%. These coins have allowed people to make money even during a period of declining silver prices!

Other modern numismatics vs. bullion

In 2009 the Mint issued an ultra high relief gold coin to commemorate
Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ original design. Only 115,000 were struck. A specimen purchased in certified MS-70 grade at the time of release currently has risen in value by 54%, versus 33% for a regular-issue American Eagle Gold coin. No one can guarantee returns, but no one can argue with real-world results. Note that the substantial advantage for these gold coins is still eclipsed by the simple average gain among America the Beautiful silver coins!

ATB retail value change vs. Eagle coins (%), 2010-2013 issues

*Approximate values based on Montgomery Chandler calculated data. Yearly average silver price used to calculate purchase pricing for all coins.