We offer bags of mixed silver in a wide range of face value totals. These bags are popular among those concerned with the possibility of a catastrophic or rapid devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and currency in general. In such a scenario, paper money and modern base metal coins would lose most or all of their value, while coins bearing dates known to be struck in 90% silver would be readily accepted in day-to-day transactions based on their intrinsic value.

The appeal of mixed silver is not predicated or limited to this intention - many collectors enjoy sorting through these coins in search of curious or overlooked specimens. The low cost premiums associated with mixed silver make it a smart investment holding with no special motives needed to enjoy its benefits.

Morgan (1878–1904 & 1921) -- 90-percent silver
Peace (1921–1928 and 1934–1935) -- 90-percent silver
Liberty Head "Barber" (1892–1915) -- 90-percent silver
Walking Liberty (1916–1947) -- 90-percent silver
Franklin (1948–1963) -- 90-percent silver
Kennedy (1964) -- 90-percent silver
Liberty Head "Barber" (1892–1916) -- 90-percent silver
Standing Liberty (1916–1930) -- 90-percent silver
Washington (1932, 1934–1964) -- 90-percent silver
Liberty Head "Barber" (1892–1916) -- 90-percent silver
Winged Liberty Head "Mercury" (1916–1945) -- 90-percent silver
Roosevelt (1946–1964) -- 90-percent silver

American Silver Dollars

(note: older silver dollars are unlikely to be included in 90% silver bags)