Edmund Moy served as the 38th Director of the United States Mint. Appointed by president George W. Bush, he fostered the introduction of new coin issues that revitalized the Mint and revived interest in modern collector coins. Demand for United States gold and silver coins soared during his tenure and has remained strong. Moy oversaw the introduction of the American Buffalo 24 karat gold program and brought history and modern technology together to revive high relief coinage, epitomized by the legendary 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle gold coin, and furthered by subsequent high relief Liberty coin issues.

As the child of Chinese immigrants Moy's life and career epitomizes the ideals of the American dream. A lifelong coin collector, Moy initiated a number of new Mint programs popular with the collector community, including the Presidential Dollar series, National Parks Quarter Dollars, and the five ounce silver America the Beautiful program.

New issue joins our growing catalog of Moy signature coins

Call now for pricing and availability of Moy-signed 2018 Burnished Silver Eagles, available with EARLY RELEASES and FIRST DAY OF ISSUE pedigrees.


2018 Signature Coins Available Now

  • $1 American Eagle Silver
  • $50 American Eagle Gold
  • $25 American Eagle Gold
  • $10 American Eagle Gold
  • $5 American Eagle Gold
  • $50 American Buffalo Gold

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