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American Eagle Silver

2019 American Silver Eagle
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Silver Eagle coins offer the easiest and most-affordable way for a private investor to hold precious metals. As a collector piece, a bullion investment, and as a safe-haven holding, the modern version of the Silver Dollar is unrivaled in every role. It's no wonder that the American Eagle Silver coin is the world's most popular way to hold silver.

American Eagle Silver coins are today's counterpart to the traditional Silver Dollar. Though they continue to bear a legal tender face value of one dollar, their actual value is based on their content of one Troy ounce of silver, which is guaranteed and backed by The United States Treasury.

Call for cash/check and quantity discounts and for sealed mint roll tubes (20 coins). 500-coin sealed Mint Cases ("Monster Boxes") also available at competitively discounted pricing. Our professionals will give you a fast, no-pressure quote 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 800-385-3303

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America the Beautiful Silver

These massive five-ounce silver coins offer all of the benefits of the Silver Eagle, but with enhanced potential for significant collector value. As counterparts to the series of circulating quarter-dollar coins, five new designs are released each year. While millions of Silver Eagles are struck annually, America the Beautiful (ATB) issues may be struck to numbers as low as 20,000 coins. As a simple illustration it's useful to consider that ATB coins issued from 2010 to 2013 have averaged a 60% increase in value, even though spot prices declined during the same time period. 2012's Hawaii Volcanoes issue has experienced a nearly 300% increase in only a few year's time. Not every ATB issue will perform as well, but we recommend these coins without reservation... in a worst-case scenario these coins will carry a value closely matching that of a Silver Eagle. When purchased as a current issue, ATB coins carry price premium similar to, and sometimes lower than those for Silver Eagles, so there is effectively no downside risk. We offer current-issue ATB coins as well as attractively-priced and desirable backdated issues. We have one of the largest inventories of backdated ATB coins of any national dealer. Call us about any ATB coin, current or backdate - we have many coins not shown and priced on this website.