American Eagle Gold

Since their introduction in 1986, American Eagle Gold coins have become America's (and the world's) first choice for private gold holdings. These legal tender coins are guaranteed by the United States Treasury for weight and purity. Each year Gold Eagles are struck in a variety of issues:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated (bullion) - $50 one-ounce, $25 half-ounce, $10 quarter-ounce, $5 tenth-ounce.
  • Uncirculated (Burnished) - $50 one-ounce
  • Proof - $50 one-ounce, $25 half-ounce, $10 quarter-ounce, $5 tenth-ounce.

American Eagle Gold coins in brilliant uncirculated (bullion) and proof finish are available in four distinct denominations:

  • $50 one-ounce coin
  • $25 half-ounce coin
  • $10 quarter-ounce coin
  • $5 tenth-ounce coin

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Many investor/collectors will acquire these each year in complete sets, typically with NGC or PCGS certification and encapsulating holders.


Meet the family of American Eagle gold coins. As shown here, each denomination features a different size, corresponding with its weight and value. 


American Buffalo Gold


Introduced in 2006, the American Buffalo was created in answer to American investor/collectors who wanted a coin of the finest purity. The 24-karat, .9999 pure Buffalo was an instant success. They contain the exact same amount of gold as the American Eagle, but in a purer alloy, making the coins imperceptibly lighter in weight. The Mint has historically struck gold coins at 22 karats, with small amounts of copper and silver added to improve scratch-resistance. Due to gold's inherent softness we recommend acquiring these coins in grade-certified capsules, or "slabs." Each year, Buffalo Gold coins are struck in two issues:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated (bullion) - $50 one-ounce
  • Proof - $50 one-ounce
  • In 2008, the Mint struck the coin in four fractional sizes
2018 American Buffalo Gold MS-69 (NGC)
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2018 American Buffalo Gold MS-69 (NGC)
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Certified/Numismatic Modern U.S. Mint Coins

We offer many modern United States gold coins that are grade-certified. Grade certification ensures and protects the collector value of any coin. Certified coins are examined by a panel of numismatic experts, and graded for quality and condition according to the standard Sheldon scale. The Sheldon scale defines detailed standards by which a coin may be assigned a numeric grade ranging from one to 70, with 70 representing a completely unflawed, perfect specimen. Modern bullion gold coins freshly released from the United States Mint, that have not been handled, will typically receive a score ranging from MS-65 to MS-70. Coins certified to be in MS-69 or MS-70 condition are widely valued and traded in collector markets.

Slideshow gallery: Example specimens of certified coins. Please call or contact us for availability of any coin shown.

Coins certified by the most respected grading services, including NGC and PCGS, are readily traded sight-unseen on collector markets. This means that you can sell or trade these coins to dealers and collectors with no need for an inspection or evaluation to provide the buyer with assurance of the coin's quality and condition. This gives certified coins a level of investment liquidity that was unknown until recent years.

Certified coins are encapsulated in a rigid plastic container commonly known as a slab. The slab is hermetically sealed and tamper-evident. This gives buyers and sellers confidence that the assigned grade has not been by diminished by wear or handling. This also gives the investor and collector confidence to handle and display a special coin without fear of damage or degradation.

The Sheldon numeric grade is accompanied by a preceding two-letter code, which groups the numeric scores into categories: Coins that score 60 or higher are deemed to be in "mint state" condition, identified by the letters MS. Thus one will find mint state coins with grades ranging from MS-60 to MS-70. Modern issue coins will almost always be found in MS condition. Historic and rare coins that have been used as circulating money may fall into other groupings, such as AU-55 (About uncirculated), XF-40 (Extra Fine) or AG-3 (About Good). Proof issue coins are given a separate prefix, either PF or PR. 

A Montgomery Chandler professional can help you fully understand the significance of different grades and the sometimes sharp differences in value that can separate coins with scores separated by only a single digit. Call us and discover why we're a new kind of coin dealer.™